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Monday, February 1, 2010

LOST Premiere Part I: No Ben=No Lost, or the genius of Michael Emerson

Less then 24 hours until the premier of the final season of one of the best dramas on television. I think the premise, writing, and directing are particularly brilliant on Lost. I will admit, I think season 3 was kind of a let down, but things have picked up, and this final season promises to be stunningly brilliant.

Ok, so here's the real reason I am a lostie: Michael Emerson, aka, Benjamin Linus. Something about him just draws you in. The crooked smile, the blue eyes...and the stunningly brilliant incredible acting. What I think it is about him, is that he is utterly and completely vulnerable. That seems weird to say about one of the most successfully manipulative characters on television, but its true. Especially recently, when his character has been losing his power. Moments like when he sees his daughter killed, when he confronts the smoke monster, when he confesses his feelings for Juliette, and when he confronts Jacob all reveal how truly vulnerable and lonely is Benjamin Linus. And it wouldn't work nearly as well as it does if it weren't Michael Emerson playing it brilliantly. His character is much more complex then any of the others, at least in my opinion, making him more interesting.

So what are the lessons to take from Michael Emerson as Benjamin Linus? Complex, imperfect, vulnerable, desperate and lonely characters stick with you. They make for exciting and intriguing stories. But another awesome trick is to have sort of "foil" characters, like Hurley. Ben and Hurley are the best characters on the show, and completely different. They are both very vulnerable; in fact we've seen both of them romantically vulnerable, which, for me, is the best. This is why we love characters like Snape and Linus Larraby. Because under their exterior, they are utterly alone and vulnerable. That makes us feel for and hope for them.

I hope this rambling makes sense. What do you think? What about Lost do you like the most?

And tune in tomorrow for LOST Premier Part II, a review of tomorrows show. I'm expecting a lot!

Sarah Allen

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