Thursday, January 21, 2010

Publication Spotlight: Boston Literary Magazine

When I come across a unique or awesome publication opportunity, I like to spread the word. I'm starting with Boston Literary Magazine, because a couple days ago I received my very first non-form rejection from them. Not only that, but it was EXTREMELY intelligent and helpful. I don't know if sending out non-form rejections is common practice for them or not, but regardless, they're critique was wonderful.

Boston Literary Magazine

What makes this magazine unique is that they don't publish anything longer then 250 words. They also publish Haiku's, and magazines that do that can be hard to come by. They have specific categories for stories that are 100 and 50 words exactly. Remember my 100 word story from the BYU Word of Mouth Podcast? Well, I sent it in to this magazine and here is what they said:

"Hi, Sarah, very good setup here, but I wish the ending had come as a surprise later in the story... in other words, your story's twist is that she put her earrings in and went out to her book group. I think this would have been stronger if you'd led up to the scene more and then had that be the last line... not that he nods, dazed... that she walks out the door... and what's going on in his head... so I am going to pass. Thanks anyway."

Great advice, right? I think so. I'm absolutely going to rework my story with their critique in mind before I send it out. I think thats the best thing to do with non-form rejections. Those of you with more experience then I, what is your typical response to non-form rejections?

So if you have a flash flash fiction story, send it! If not, take 100 words as a challenge and see what you can come up with. I'd love to know how it goes for you.

Sarah Allen

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