Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Flash Fiction Story: the Podcast is up!

A while ago I mentioned that a flash fiction story of mine had been accepted as part of a flash fiction contest for the Word of Mouth podcast at BYU. I got to go in and read my story as part of the podcast, and now its finally up. The best thing about it is that one of the professors talks about the stories, and hearing his ideas and input is awesome. So anyway, check out the Word of Mouth Podcast if you're interested, and I would love to know what you think. (Here is a link to the exact audio file if thats easier, not just the home page. And as a warning, it sometimes takes a while to upload.)

Anyway, I hope if you listen to it that you will let me know what you think. They introduce things and talk for a while, but mine is the first one read. I'm pretty excited that I got to have this opportunity, but I'm always looking to improve and find even more opportunities, as I'm sure you are. Thanks so much for your help and support!

Sarah Allen


  1. Hi Sarah, Just wanted to thank you for the nice comment you posted on my blog before New Years! So sweet of you! So happy to hear that my art challenges are good for writers too, fantastic! Feel free to participate in one of my art challenges with a creative writing bent to it...that'd be so cool! Best wishes to you and Happy 2010! : )

  2. Thanks so much! I really appreciate your thoughtful comments. Happy new year to you too!

    Sarah Allen


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