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Monday, January 16, 2023

When An Author Doesn't Match Their Book

 Weekly Roundup: 1/16/23

The Author vs. The Book:

I made a little comic about when an authors look, personality, and vibe doesn't at all seem to match their book. This is in contrast to some authors *ahem* Stephen King *ahem* who really, really DO seem like the kind of person who writes the books they do. This may or may not have been inspired by the middle grade horror I have coming out in August. You can find the original comic here

Why I Write Kids Books:

Click here for original video

The Saiga Song:

Book Recommendation:

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! The book recommendation for this week is Dear Martin by Nic Stone. Definitely an important and worthwhile read, if you haven't already checked it out. 

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