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Monday, May 9, 2016

In These Chambers and a Call for Speculative Short Fiction

In These Chambers

Here's the empty room in my heart.
I've been saving it, if needed, for you.
Please ignore the worm, he's just clearing
corners for you to crawl in to.
Did you bring a chair?
I'm sorry I'm so unprepared.
Usually its just me in here, listening
to gnawing sounds.
Sometimes I hum but when the notes make
the rounds off the chamber walls and echo
back to me, it just makes the place seem
But here's an open atrium, if you like.
You can't see the stars from here,
but maybe with the two of us in here
we can count blood cells whooshing by instead.
Maybe we look out of each other rather
than out of windows.
I am out of windows.
If we get trapped in here, I'm sorry, but please
come in anyway. It's not tidy,
but I've turned the heat up
and I think it will be warm soon. It's taken
a long time to fit it in, but if you
will just step this way, there's a place
to hang your hat.

Writing Prompt: I admit this poem was inspired by this Billy Joel song. What is the most inspiring song to you, and what would the first line of your spin off poem be?

Call for Submissions: Shimmer Magazine is accepting speculative short fiction until May 31st. Send in your best stuff!

Read More: Read this great post from Anne R. Allen about how new writers can sabotage their careers before they even get started.

Weekly Awesome: This is an amazing and possibly life-changing talk. More than worth your time.

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Write on!



  1. What an inspiring video. I never really listened to this Billy Joel song. It is too easy to be wrapped up in his superb compositions.

  2. That was a cool poem and from an interesting perspective.


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