Monday, March 7, 2016

How To Keep In Touch With Future Readers

So, as someone working on my writing career, but without a book published just yet, this is something I've pondered on quite a bit. I don't want to miss chances, you know? When you have a book out, every person you meet can know you as the author of that book. But how do you bring prospective readers along with you on the journey before you've got the book out?

I don't want to miss connections. I don't want to lose track of people.

The first thing I automatically think of is a newsletter. We've been told time and time again that newsletters are the big deal, and that collecting emails should be our focus. On one level this makes sense to me. This isn't putting something on some social media and hoping it gets seen. This is knowing someones number. This is being able to talk to them individually. This is finding their house and stalking them until they buy your book. Er, wait. No, not that. The point is, its personal.

Here's the thing though. I asked myself, have I ever bought a book based on an authors email newsletter? The answer is a definite no. I've never bought someones book because of anything they emailed me. In fact, I don't even subscribe to any author newsletters. There are a few authors whose blogs I keep in mind and remember to check regularly, which is sort of similar, but that number is very few. I would, however, remember those bloggers names if I ever saw their books. In fact there are a few of their books on my to-buy list.

So newsletter doesn't quite fit, and blogging is a sort of sometimes, and only if you're a serious blogging Rock Star. (I'm talking Anne R. Allen and Chuck Wendig.) Its sort of similar on other social media. There are a very few people whose YouTube channels, Tumblrs and Instagrams I know by heart, and check regularly.

What I've come up with so far is basically what Steve Martin said: Be so good they can't ignore you. This is true of blogging and social media too. I remember the ones I remember because I truly adore and value what they provide. I just love their work.

So. While I'm working on ways to incorporate this idea into my own social media, I'd love your thoughts. How do you keep track of writers? 


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  1. Fortunately, a many of them follow my blog.
    I never got around to a newsletter and probably never will.
    I think word of mouth is still the best way to reach readers.

  2. Newsletters are supposedly great some say, but so last year, according to others. I know I hate my email being bombarded by unwanted news. And I do subscribe to a couple...but those are authors who I like. Good luck Sarah. Sounds like you have your career in front of you. But never too soon to start thinking about promo!

  3. And...I don't see the point of FB 'like' pages either. I never get any posts from authors I like. FB makes sure we don't unless the authors pays. I decided to pour my energies into my Amazon and Goodreads author pages. This takes a lot of time so do your research.

  4. For the most part, the writers I follow I first found in the blogging world, then on FB.

    Father Nature's Corner

  5. Same here, GB. FB--I check it for photos from my insensitive adult offspring.

  6. ohh i find we are sailing on the same boat Sarah...Well with my little experience i fing the blogging world does it huge and ofcourse need to be maintained with Google friend connect or goofle plus or FB


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