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Monday, February 9, 2015

Sleep: a poem

Sometimes what you need is sleep
and sometimes that's the same thing
as needing to never sleep again
and stay up till four am...okay five
watching every movie with Colin Firth
and then John Cusack
and then Meryl Streep
Because it's not that this cinephilic trance 
is what finally gets your brain to stop 
contorting and fritzing like broken neon
(although it does)
It's that wide eyes and tussled hair 
and twitches at the corners of mouths
and long Scandinavian noses
refresh and redefine for you the meaning
of the words
The good kind of One
The not one One. The All for One.
The chimerically human one.
There are so many vulnerables
making, relating, exposing
so many it's bloody
and so I think
Thank God for Insomnia.


  1. I don't think I could function without my sleep. Good poem.

  2. I could not write this beautifully :) without sleep.....but do sometimes get up around 3am, unable to sleep. The thought is I might as well do something productive. Love the reference to long Scandinavian noses. Visited relatives in Norway once and saw this feature a lot! Theory was, the longer the nose, the farther north they lived.

    1. Oh I bet you could :) Sleep is hard sometimes. And I do love me those scandanavian noses :D

  3. I can't even stay up until midnight anymore...

  4. Read this to my husband, who is an insomniac. I am one of those people who will nap if I don't get six hours of sleep at night!
    Great poem!

    1. Awww, the fact that you wanted to share this makes me so happy :D Thank you! And happy sleeping ;)

  5. Old movies actually put me to sleep. For insomnia nights, I like to read.

    1. The best time is around 3 am with either an old movie or a great book :) When nobody else is awake.


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