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Monday, June 23, 2014

Oh the weather outside is frightful

Every new place I live I am surprised at the uniqueness of the weather. We talk about similar climates, but there's just something different about each place, that adds to its attitude and personality. Like how San Francisco is always at a perfect breezy chill like no where else. (Sorry, my lovely little bay has the best weather of all the weather, and that's that).

Growing up in Utah, we got a nice seasons spectrum, with hot summers and snowy winters. But the cold in Utah feels nothing like the soaking, bone chilling ice bath of a cold night in New York, and let me absolutely tell you, the heat of a Utah summer is nothing compared to the blustery hotness going on here in Vegas. And it's only June.

I live in a hair dryer, people.

But we have clean air filters and thermal curtains over the windows and an industrial strength fan in the living room, so we should be able to survive the summer if we're careful to always park in the shade, step outside only when absolutely necessary, and bathe nightly in sunscreen.

Which, honestly, is basically the life of a writer anyway, right? Minus the sunscreen baths. Usually.

Maybe being aware of each places unique meteorilogical personality can help us as we write settings. It can help us truly bring a place to life.

What's unique about your home towns weather?

Stay cool and write on!

Sarah Allen


  1. I live in a hair dryer - funny!
    I've lived all over, and the dry heat of the desert is nothing compared to the damp, humid heat of the South. Yuck.

    1. Ah yes. I remember going to Disneyworld once in the summer and I thought I was going to drown.

  2. My hometown gets pretty hot too and very cold in the winter, but no snow. I lived in New Zealand for a while and their weather to me was weird. Once it rained for two weeks straight.

    1. Oooh, awesome! I would love to visit New Zealand one day. Rain for two weeks sounds both weird and amazing :)

  3. We talk about the weather all the time in Britain, it is one of our national passtimes; perhaps partly because it varies so much. We moan about it a lot - the rain, the disappointing summers, the cold, grey winters. And yet... when the weather is nice here, as it is at the moment, it is like another country altogether: beautiful, green and temperate. Everyone seems happier and more energetic, and everything seems possible. There is not much to beat a sunny English June, with roses, strawberries, cricket on the village green, long, warm evenings and a kind of cafe society springing up, with everyone wanting to be outside!

    1. You're making me incredibly jealous :) Wish I was in a nice English summer right now!

  4. In Melbourne, we don't have climate, we have WEATHER. Four seasons a day and if there were six seasons in the year it would be six in a day. It's winter here now and we've had rain and winds that have blown things down...and then some sun. Crazy, but my mother, who comes from Europe, says she wouldn't Iive anywhere else because after a hot day she can hope for a cool change.


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