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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Google Trends: Social Media Secret Weapon

I've known about Google Trends for a while, but the last couple days I've come to a realization.

Google Trends, for those who don't know, is a pretty cool service from Google that tracks the daily top search trends. Basically it gives you the list of the top things people are searching for that day. (For example, "How To Cook a Turkey" on the day before Thanksgiving.)

Like I said, I've known the site existed for a while, but it hasn't been until I've been playing around with it the last couple days that I've realized how much of an awesome tool it could potentially be.

Google Trends is actually a great way to see kind of the major things going on in the world. Often the popular search terms have to do with a show finale or recent sporting event. But whatever's going on, whatever's being searched, what better way to brainstorm social media post topics?

We all want to be engaging and timely social media users, right? Well, Google Trends is the secret weapon that can help us do that. When we want to think of more things to post about, Google Trends can provide a good list. And I'm definitely not saying that anyone should always post about all the search topics all the time. That would just be really annoying. And uh, I have no interest at all in posting about sporting events, even though athletes and teams often make up half the list.

What I am saying is that occasionally checking out Google Trends can be a good reminder of what the hot topics are that day, and sometimes there will be topics that you find interesting enough to post about. And since they're hot topics, you're jumping in with the engaged and numerous crowd, which hopefully means your little ripple will multiply.

Another thing. There are charts of top searches in various categories, including authors. Outside of being able to use this info in social media use, I just think its fascinating.

So what do you think? Can Google Trends be helpful in social media, and can you think of any additional ways to use it?

Sarah Allen


  1. def a way to dive some traffic, if people are already looking for it and you are adding to the conversation...never tried it personally, but....

  2. I always forget to check it - thanks for the reminder!

  3. Pretty cool! Is there a button for Google Trends? Or do you Google it? :D

  4. I didn't even know about this! Thanks for the info.

  5. An interesting concept. I didn't know about this. Cool. Thankx for the tips.

  6. Slightly ashamed to admit this isn't something I know anything about so thanks for the info. Maybe I'll have to check it out.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind words. I am pleased to have met you and will return here soon.

  7. Hi. Didn't know this existed. Good to know.

  8. I am just learning about this. Thanks for the info! I'm going to give it a go.

  9. Great idea. I know I don't know enough about how to use the modern social media to help myself.

  10. I look at trends sometimes, but probably should do it more often. Thanks for reminding me! :)

  11. Ashamed to say I've never heard of it. I'm always a step behind.

  12. Interesting, I've never been one to follow trends. My bad. I suppose.

    Anna from Shout with Emaginette

  13. That sounds like a great tool! And a potential way to drive traffic to your blog, although I'm not sure how well that traffic will stick. Still doesn't hurt to give it a shot :)


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