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Monday, November 25, 2013

Weird Fashion Quirks I'd Spend Money On If I Had It

I wanna talk about clothes today. That's enough of a reason, right? It's my blog, after all.

Not a big shopper here, definitely, but sometimes it's fun. And I do feel like if my bank account allowed it, I could have a very...unique taste for fashion. There are a few fashion things I love.

Leather jackets. Seriously, I just love leather jackets with everything. EVERYTHING. Leather jackets are just sexy, okay? That's all there is to it.

Horizontal stripes. I know, I know, horizontal stripes aren't supposed to be a thing. But...but...
(apparently I just really like black and red, too.)

Funky tights and leggings. Just look how schnazzy these are.

And this skirt that's a freaking MAP OF MIDDLE-EARTH.

So there's that. Clothes. Yeah. They can be pretty fun sometimes. What weird fashion quirks do you enjoy when finances permit?

Sarah Allen

p.s. Just wanted to point out a new tab up there on the pages bar. I'm selling myself. Er, rather, my services as a writer or an editor or even a video producer. Check it out, see what I've got to offer, and maybe we can work out something awesome.


  1. Your fashion ideas really are quirky. I'm a fairly unfancy person myself.

  2. We get to see another side of you with this type of post. I like it.

  3. I'm rather basic when it comes to clothes, but a really sharp suit or jacket catches my attention.

  4. If you enjoy a mishmash of clothing styles, you should see a steampunk convention! I went to one a few years back ... and wow!

  5. You're so cute. I love 80's vintage clothing myself.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  6. I love the mickey t-shirt with the leather jacket. That's classic!!!

  7. A leather jacket and green plaid flat cap for me, typically with a darker t-shirt and darker blue jeans. Unless I'm dressed up, in which case I range from subtle behind a Jerry Garcia tie to stately in my black suit.

  8. ha. those tights are pretty cool...leather jackets def rock it as well...

  9. Aloha Sarah,

    I'm clutching my ManCard as I'm not a very good shopper of anything red or striped, but just wanted to say thank for your interest in 50 States of Pray and I have you down for NV :)

    PS... with such a great/funny profile intro, I had to become a follower :)

  10. Love all of these things! Sadly its too cold now for leather jackets and tights :( LOVE that skirt! I have an obsession with harry-potter inspired clothes....I found a scarf of the marauders map. want.

  11. Cool. These are fun fashion concepts. I can definitely relate to the horizontal stripes. I have a couple striped shirts and they're my favorites. Cool choices :)

  12. What great finds. I love the leggings. I'm going to go look for some. :-)

    Anna from Shout with Emaginette


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