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Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Really Great Place for Getting Ideas

Okay. So. Life. It's a crazy, crazy thing, and I miss blogging more frequently. But things are going up and up, and should be calming down in the next few weeks.

For now I want to show you guys this amazing thing I found. Its like, seriously amazing. I think some people naturally have ideas floating around all the time while others (me) take a while of struggling to develop the inklings and flashes. So there's this website that basically just plays random movie trailers non-stop. Obviously I found it when trying to pick a movie to watch, which I am also terrible at, but after a while of clicking through trailers I thought, this is actually really creatively inspiring, and could be a fantastic way to do some idea gathering/brainstorming.

So here it is.

And also, here is a song that is just awesome.

Have a good one everybody!

Sarah Allen


  1. Very cool! There's a television show that does thirty minutes of trailers every week, but this is even better.

  2. This is actually a brilliant idea. Thank you for the heads up.

  3. Oh my god that's an addictive site. How will I get any work done? You have ruined me!


  4. So cool!!

    I love the way your blog looks! Life has been pretty crazy for me too. I hope it gets a little less hectic :)


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