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Monday, July 22, 2013

Top 10 Writerly Places to Beat the Heat

Has the heat been wearing on everyone else as much as it has me? Heat is not my favorite. And humidity is not fun for straight-haired people, let me tell you. Obviously the best thing for us to do is stay in an air-conditioned house and write. But as far as getting out of your air conditioned house, here is a quick list of places for us writers to go to get ideas, have fun, and keep cool.

  1. Movie Theaters. Anybody seen The Way Way Back? Oh my word go.
  2. Community Theatres. Fun to check out, great way to support your community. And stay inside.
  3. Museums. Most places have some really cool places. And often they're free.
  4. Library. Duh. Any better place? I don't think so :)
  5. Bookstores. Used or otherwise. Not only will keep you cool, but you never know what treasures you will find.
  6. Meetups. Use to find book groups or other writerly gatherings and join. Sometimes they even provide free food :)
  7. Literary Places. Go to the Poets and Writers Literary Places database and see if there are any near you.
  8. Cave hunting. I know not everywhere has caves, but if you have any around, they're sort of inside, right? And who knows what ideas you might inspire.
  9. Community classes. Check local libraries or universities and see if any community events are going on. What better time to take an underwater basket weaving class?
  10. Eventbrite. Use to find all sorts of lectures, exhibits, conferences, all sorts of things. This is one I want to start using more often, because there are seriously some great things going on out there. Many of them in the air conditioned indoors.
There you have it. Just a quick list of ideas for when you want to get out but keep cool. Hope your summer is going well despite the heat. And I hope you're writing.

Any other ideas to add to this list?

Sarah Allen


  1. Or you can always go to work at your day job? If I DID have the option of working from home, I'd take my laptop to a cool cafe to work and be spoiled with iced coffee and lunch someone else had made for me.

  2. Went to the movies this weekend and saw DESPICABLE ME 2 - love those minions! :) I made a note of THE WAY WAY BACK.

    I find I tend to get too cold after awhile and usually bring a sweater into the theater - or mall, or restaurant, etc - with me.

  3. Totally cool about the meetups thing, I'm going to check that out for sure. Great list!

  4. Get a summer home in the mountains. I'm rarely hot where I live-- we have the absolute ideal climate for summer and falls. Now come winter, I may move in with one of you!

  5. Great list, and I can't think of anything to add, unless it's find a pool and take a swim. Great way to stay cool and get some exercise.

  6. We rarely have this problem in Britain, although recently I have had to open a window.


  7. There's the pool, the Y, or a gym, if you want to be active. And I'm not opposed to going out for a nice dinners.

    We did catch a movie this weekend - RED2. Action packed and very funny.

  8. Movie theater is high on my list!! I'd be willing to try a cave if I could find one.

  9. Alex, now you know why Al lives in a cave.

    Or you could just stay home and write.


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