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Monday, September 3, 2012

Ode on a Gallon of Milk

At peak consumption, my family can go through 12-14 gallons of milk a week. I'm not joking. If it happens to be chocolate milk, it's lucky to last an hour.

It's like therapy for my family. Or a ritual. It was part of growing up that every night before we went to bed we would all sit around and have a bowl of cereal. (Incidentally we can go through a box of Cocoa Pebbles in about a meal.) When we get home after a long trip, no matter how late, the first thing we all want to do is have a bowl of cereal. It's cool, it's comforting, it's probably been programmed into our genetic code.

True connoisseurs of the cold cereal bowl know that the cereal must be rotated and eaten quickly to avoid becoming soggy, usually necessitating a second bowl. They know that the best part of a bowl of cereal is the milk at the end. They know the art of choosing a cereal; whole and hardy for breakfast, Life or Rice Chex, savory for dinner, Cheerios or Apple Jacks, sweet and sugary for midnight snack, Cocoa Pebbles, Trix, Fruit Loops.

Guess what we live on when Mom's out of town?

I think everyone has something like this in their life, and it doesn't necessarily have to be food. A quilt or a chair or a song or a recipe that is to them, in a word, home. Maybe milk and cereal isn't the most glamorous of childhood symbols, but it does the job for me. When I need to feel the familiar, when I need to tell my body and mind that the world is still spinning like normal, I know where to go, and it even comes in skim.

What makes you feel home and normal again?

Sarah Allen


  1. A good cup of tea and toast.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  2. A mug of tea. I drink tea when I'm away from home but it's not the same. I want my big ole mug.

    About those could you not include Frosted Flakes (my favorite)? Tony would be crushed.

  3. It is the exact same way with my family. We go through so much milk, it's insane. I know a lot of people who don't drink milk, but for me, it reminds me of coming home from school and being poured a big glass of milk!

  4. How odd that as I read this post I am sitting here eating a bowl of cereal for dinner (on Labor Day!!) Neither my wife or I felt like cooking tonight so I settled for easy. However my choice is a little healthier:

    Kashii Cinnamon Harvest cereal
    Silk Almond Milk
    Sliced peach and strawberries
    Organic Agave Nectar

    When I was younger though it was Capt'n Crunch...just ripped the roof of my mouth to shreds but it was soooo tasty!

    PS. That's ALOT of milk you go through!!!


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