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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Why Writers Should Always Be Waiting

I am one of the most impatient people in the entire world. Like, for reals. About an hour after I submitted to my first agent a week ago I texted my friend that I was anxious that he hadn't written back.

Writers always are, and should be, waiting on someone, and I'm trying to see it as a good thing.

Agents. Waiting on an agent means you've accomplished something wonderful. You've finished a huge project and polished it until you can see your reflection in it. Good work.

Critique partners. Waiting on critique partners means you're working. It also means you are brave enough to put your words (your soul) in front of people. Good work.

Competitions. Waiting to hear back about writing contests means you were brave enough to submit, and serious enough to cough up the cash for the entrance fee. Good work.

Publishers and literary magazines. If you are waiting on publishers and literary magazines, you taking some pretty serious, major steps. You are showing the world you mean business. You've worked hard, and you're ready to put that work in front of people. Good work.

Really the hard part about this is knowing what to do while you wait, and the only answer I can come up with to that is to keep writing, keep studying, reading and improving, and keep submitting. We just can't slow down, and eventually something good will come of it all our bleep bleep waiting.

Sarah Allen


  1. This post hits especially close to home, and I am currently waiting on a couple of people at the moment myself. It can be intensely frustrating. But knowing I'm not alone in that feeling is refreshing! I hope you hear back soon!

  2. That's a good positive spin to put on all our waits!


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