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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Anne of Green Gables and other reasons life will be okay

Life is weird. I think I started another post this week with those same words, but its true, and its one of those times for me when its especially true. I'm feeling good, occasionally even great, though I do feel a bit like I'm holding my breath or standing on one foot, waiting for things to fall into place so I can breath, put my foot down, and keep going. Soon would be good, universe, just saying. But like I said--I'm doing good. And here are some reasons why.

My roommate and I watched Anne of Green Gables last night (or at least half of it. YouTube pooped out on us after a while.) I've been sort of stuck on my novel for a while, and the movie turned out to be the breath of fresh air that I needed to clear the cobwebs. It was her idea, and I was just kind of going with it, and I'm glad I did. It made me feel happy anyway. Anne of Green Gables is good at that.

I have some awesome friends. They get me, and don't get too frustrated with my ranting and whining. They do things like make cookies and smile really big when I walk into a room. I have a relatively new friend who does that, and it makes me happy. We drink peach Fresca together and talk about boys.

Even though from my perspective the future makes no sense, it does to God, and it will all work out. It always does, even though that's hard to remember or fully appreciate when you're in the not-worked-out-yet phase. It's just an interesting time of life, the not-quite-an-adult-yet time. But I don't know if anyone ever really gets out of the insecure and unsure phase, and the future is always scary. I hope it gets less scary, but really all we can do is pray and work and hope for the best and know it will come, and enjoy good friends, peach Fresca and Anne of Green Gables in the meantime.

C'est la vie!
Sarah Allen


  1. You had me at Anne of Green Gables. I'm obsessed with those books and the films. Yes. Good friends (bosom buddies!) are what it's all about :)

  2. I often feel like I am waiting for things to fall into place, but despite my efforts, it seems to take longer than I would like. I recently re-read Anne, and it really inspired me. There is something about the way she sees the world that refuels your spirit somehow.

  3. Peach fresca?! Yum :)

    Also, I have this town that I mention in nearly all of my stories called Gables. Guess what I named it after? :D

  4. *Hugs* It does get a little better. Or maybe we just get better at dealing with the uncertainty of the future. I think at this point in life, there are so many choices to make, it seems like the future is even LESS stable than at any other time.

    You'll make it. Anne of Green Gables is a great idea to help you make it through. :)

  5. Thanks for the encouragement, guys :) You don't know how badly I needed it.


  6. There's an Anne of Green Gables movie? There's peach-flavored fresca?

    I must have these things!


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