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Monday, January 30, 2012

Slow and steady, eh? I hope so.

I'm at the scenario stage on novel number two. I have a main character and a slew of secondaries, interesting relationships and a couple intriguing scenes in mind. Getting from this point to a "plot" is the hard part for me, in terms of planning. I don't even like "plot-heavy" books, and I'm not trying to come up with anything intricate and I know life is basically plotless anyway. I know all that, but I still feel like I need something holding it all together story-wise, and that often takes me a while.

Novel #1 was about a 40-ish year old man. Novel #2 is going to be about a 17 year old girl. Obviously more towards my age and gender side of the spectrum. I want to get a broad range. We'll see how this goes. The last one had a paranormal element to it. This one isn't going to.

So the steps ahead of me now: Edit novel #1. Keep brainstorming novel #2. Give 1 to beta readers and begin work on 2. Hopefully start submitting 1 to agents and finish work on 2. Also a screenplay and a kids picture book and a short story collection somewhere in there would be cool.

Also a cute boy who wants to kiss my face and a stable job and a tortoise named Watson. Those things would be cool too.

Just sayin :)

Sarah Allen


  1. I don't think those things are too much to ask :-) Best of luck!

  2. Aw, what a cute turtle! You definitely deserve that and everything else. Good luck!

  3. Watson takes priority. No questions asked. :D

    Best of luck with your writing and editing! Just remember, you've done it once. You can do it 50 more times!!

  4. You've got a good start going! You're right to give yourself time to figure it all out.
    Oh, and kiss the turtle. He may be a prince!

  5. We all work differently and how you work suites you best. I'm not a particularly quick worker when it comes to writing. In fact January has been a slow month.

    I'd love a tortoise!

  6. Slow and steady sometimes wins the race.

  7. Interesting that you are writing a book with a middle-aged man as your protag. That's kind of cool and definitely a rarity I think.

  8. Will novel #2 be young adult or just adult with a teenage protagonist?

  9. That's a GREAT list!! Keep plugging away at it!!

  10. Maybe you'll meet a cute agent who likes to kiss you, edits your current WIPs, and has a turtle named "Mason." He'll fall so madly in love with you that he'll change Mason's name to "Watson" and that'll be that :)

  11. They say slow and steady wins the race. Keep goin! :)


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