Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Story Creative Writing Prompts

For fun:

Write about a reindeer other than Rudolph.

Write about the only present she didn't want.

Write about what elves do in the summer.

Write about the courtship of the Clauses.

Write about a Christmas tradition and where it came from.

Write about Christmas in China.

Write about Christmas at a fast food chain.

Write about Christmas from a pet's perspective.

Write about Scrooge from the Ghost of Christmas Past's perspective

Write about Christmas at a rest home.

Mix Christmas with another holiday, like Halloween or Valetine's or Presidents day.

Write about Santa in a ballet class.

Write about the sleigh stowaway.

Write about how Mrs. Clause spends Christmas Eve.
Any other ideas?

Sarah Allen


  1. These are hilarious. How about Jenny, the yellow-nosed bummed out reindeer who lives in the globally warmed forests.

  2. Frustration!!! So many great prompts and no time to try them out.

  3. I'm saving this list. There are some wonderful ideas here :-)


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