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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

So Nike Was Right

The past few days I've stumbled upon something that is quite a novel concept to me, though for the rest of you its probably very old hat. The concept is this:

Just do it.

Its so incredibly simple. I don't know why I've made things so complicated in the past. It's like I let myself float from thing to thing, distraction to distraction and do some writing here and there when it happens. I get some done that way, but only a little some. (Pun very much intended).

Here's the thing. This weekend and yesterday (and hopefully today) I just quit the goofing off. I've set aside morning writing time, which typically works out well, but I've wanted the after-morning time to be more productive too. So the past few days I get home from work, get a quick snack, and then say, ok, now its time to write. That's it. Nothing else. I turn on a classical iTunes radio station, turn off the internet, and just write. Doing that I've gotten 4000 words out in the last three days, which for me is huge.

See, the mornings work for me because I tell myself its writing time. But the afternoons its been more like "stuff" time. Like email and reading blogs and eating and going to the gym and maybe writing a paragraph and playing on Pinterest time. It's pretty obvious that, for me at least, I don't write unless its WRITING TIME. It's not that I didn't know that before, it's just that I'm discovering how much I can get done when I apply it across the board. Because I want this book DONE, dang it.

Its amazing what a little mental manipulation can do. Do you have any mental tricks to help boost your creativity or productivity?

Sarah Allen


  1. Writing time for me is anytime I can be alone. Mornings are nice though. Quiet, still, no distractions. There aren't even any birds at the bird feeder on this frozen morning.

    You will get it done with this attitude.

  2. I like the just do it mentality. Congrats on getting so many words out-- wishing you continued productivity with your new plan! :)

  3. My thoughts exactly! I just sit in the chair and start writing.

  4. I'm glad that worked! It's so easy to get distracted, so it's great that you found a way to push yourself to focus!

  5. 4000! Yay! Now I've got to get off of blogger.

  6. Way to go, you! It's awesome when you can sit yourself down and get things done.

  7. Nike was 100% right, it just had nothing to do with shoes.

  8. I also do the classical music thing but on Pandora! I've found if I go in my bedroom and close the door (which I barely ever do) that signifies that it is time to write. Congrats on you 4000 words!

  9. For myself it is very similar. There is a time for writing, and during that time it gets done. Getting rid of distractions is huge. Shutting off the internet is key. No popups from email coming in. No quick refresh of Facebook or twitter.

  10. Great blog, Sarah, and thanks for visiting mine!
    Waiting for inspiration to write is useless. I find that if I apply the "Just do it" philosophy and start writing, inspiration will come. Sure, the first 500 or so words will be meaningless garbage, but then I start getting into the zone and I actually produce something slightly better than garbage. And when I'm on a roll, few things manage to distract me - email pop ups, children asking me for food etc.


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