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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Awesome New Trick for Titles

I got this idea from my brother, and I think its awesome. He was using it to design album covers, but it totally works for book titles too.

First trick is to go to to the main page of Wikipedia and click "Random Article" in the top of the left sidebar. Then keep clicking random and see what comes up. Here are 5 title examples I've got from Wikipedia:

-Pas de Deux
-Sotos Point
-Crow-stepped (from crow-stepped gable)

The other cool trick is to use the random quotes page from What my brother does is use the last few words of the last quote on the page. Here are some examples:

-Whistle for Him
-A Bushel of Brains
-Room Temperature
-Devourer of All Things
-Hanged to a Lampost

Just keep refreshing and you get lots of cool things.

One last thing. To expand and further develop your title ideas, check out the 'Last 7 Days' page on Flickr, and then imagine the top right corner photo as your book cover. That way it gives you even more to work with, and helps you get more ideas. For example, lets take the title 'Devourer of All Things'. Pretty interesting title that calls to mind a lot of ideas. But let's put it with the top right corner picture from Flickr, which for me right now, is this:

The picture adds to the already interesting title. This picture gives us a character (nervous looking bride) and a situation (a wedding). So who's the "devourer"? The bride? The groom? A jealous rival?

Just a great way to get ideas flowing, and I thought I'd share. What do you think?

Sarah Allen


  1. What a great idea!

  2. Sarah, oh my gosh. This post. Look, I can't even form sentences good, I am that stunned by the simple brilliance of these ideas. Definitely adding to my 'story tips and exercises' file.

  3. I think there are two very clever people in your family.
    I placed the idea on a post-it on my desktop screen.
    Thank you both.

  4. That was funny, I'm going to try it one of these days ;)

  5. Awesome for writing prompts too! Thanks for this!


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