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Friday, February 4, 2011

Steve Carell is a genius: Michael Scott in "The Search"

Ok, I want to use this post to squee about something that brought me painful amounts of joy. Last nights episode of 'The Office' was, for me, one of the best episodes in a long time. I adore this show, and last nights episode shows exactly why.

I am a hopeless romantic, and last nights episode was a veritable feast for that sappy sentimental part of me. The search for Michael was both hilarious, with Dwight's classicly hilarious antics (telling Holly to imagine a clown or small bunny...great stuff) and most of all, completely and utterly sweet. And then of course, THE moment of the show, when Holly finds Michael on top of the building and they have one of the sweetest conversations in all of TV history. "Can I kiss you?" Let me just say I was imploding from delight.

Here's why I think these moments work so well. What I love about them is that we've been with Michael for so long, we know how ridiculous and frankly awful he can be sometimes. We know that he's kind of crazy. We also know how lonely he is, and how much he wants to be accepted. Then in these moments, when we know that he has finally found someone who not only knows how to deal with the ridiculousness, but appreciates how loving and lonely Michael is, and everything just seems right with the world. These are the moments that show the heart amidst the ridiculosity and humor. The Office does this to perfection, and I think its something we writers can learn from them.

Any Office/Steve Carell fans out there? See, its no wonder Dan In Real Life was such an incredible movie. Steve Carell is a genius. What did you think about last nights episode? Did you get as much pleasure out of it as I did?

Sarah Allen


  1. I've never seen Dan In Real Life, but I love The Office. I really like Holly and even though Erin doesn't "get it" it's great that they're finally together. Well, together-ish.

  2. If you're a Steve Carell fan, Dan In Real Life is a must-see. Even if you're not a Steve Carell will make you one, if The Office hasn't. Michael Scott and Holly are amazing :)



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