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Friday, January 7, 2011

Three Questions about Timing in a Creative Writers Life

Its a new year and I've just graduated, so I'm sort of in a new phase of life right now, with a new set of challenges. A lot of them involve how to manage my time, balancing the new things I have to do and my writing. I know for sure that every writer has timing challenges, but I think what makes the difference is that we look at them as just that, challenges, and not as excuses to not write. So here are my timing challenges, which I'm sure are not unique to me, and if you have any suggestions for how to work with these time constraints, I'd love to hear it.

-Lots of car time: When you spend a lot of time driving, how can you still be productive behind the wheel? The ideal would be to write while your driving, but I don't think thats quite possible. Some ideas I've heard are brain-storming, idea storming with the radio, and listening to writing podcasts or audio-books. Any other suggestions? Can anyone think of any way to get actual writing done while your driving? Like I said, probably not possible, but any ideas would be great.

-Time blips: This is a challenge I know lots of writers face. Its the challenge of being constantly called away and having random things to do throughout the day that leave you only short blips of writing time. I don't know about you, but its hard for me to get back in the groove once I've been called away. I've been working on it, but its still easier for me to get actual writing done when I have a bigger chunk of time. Suggestions with what to do with the blips? My ideas are blogging, facebook/twitter and other internet marketing, submitting pieces to magazines and picking up a poetry or short story collection. Your ideas?

-Going stir-crazy without people: This is sort of the opposite challenge to the one above, but as ironic as it might sound, I'm definitely experiencing both. Its like during the day I can't find any significant amount of time to sit down and get done what I want to get done, but then at night when everything's calmed down and I have a long time by myself I start to get antsy and want to talk to someone. I think this is probably a personality thing, and the fact that my preferred daily schedule is to get up and get the chores-type stuff done, spend a few hours writing, and then have the night free for more fun stuff, so having to do my writing at night kind of rubs that schedule the wrong way (although I DO get my writing done. I try to get it done any time I can.) Anyway, sorry about the long spiel, but does anyone have any ideas about what to do with this little problem?

Sarah Allen

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