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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Spot-of-white-in-black Stories

Ok, so I think there a quite a few stories that follow this formula, and I kind of really like it. Here's what I'm talking about: those stories where things just keep getting worse, and nothings really going right, and then something good happens, and it probably doesn't undo all the bad stuff, but its something good to hold on too, and then the story ends. As an example: a chubby, freckled seventh grade boy whose mom is spacey and whose dad is on a business trip wants to try out for the basketball team. He goes to try-outs, doesn't do well, and gets mocked by the other boys. Cute girl in his class sees him not do well. One of them even hip-checks him into a locker afterwards. Cute girl sees this too. At lunch he sits by himself because his friend isn't there that day, and takes out his sketchbook and starts drawing dragons. After a few minutes he realizes someone is looking over his shoulder. It's cute girl, holding her lunch tray. She smiles and says, you're a really good drawer, and then goes to have lunch with her friends.

Make sense? I love these kinds of stories because I feel like they're emotionally powerful. Our lives are full of good and bad things, and some days the bad is pretty concentrated, but these stories show us how meaningful are all the little good things.

Happy writing! Hope this helps. Do you like stories like this? What other "forumulas" have you become fond of?

Sarah Allen

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