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Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day for Writers

Another holiday. If you're like me, that means you just woke up. We all probably have too many miscellaneous things on our to-do list that we're using this off-day to take care of for it to be completely relaxing, but at least there's no school or work.

So how can writers specifically use this day to our advantage? Here are three things I've thought of that writers can do on Memorial Day to make the most of it.

Networking. Find some local Memorial Day events and go. Meet new people. Rekindle some old extended family relationships, even with your crazy relatives. You never know when someone will end up being the connection of your creative writing lifetime.

Catch up on reading. We all have a mile-long to-read list, and use this off-day to catch up on it. Inside every good writer is an even better reader, and every book can teach/inspire/warn you in terms of your own writing. Take advantage of this no-work day and read.

Research for story ideas. Most of us have ancestors involved in the Civil or World Wars. Use the multitude of online genealogy resources to find out about your military ancestors. In doing that, you'll find characters and plots to inspire you and your writing. And you'll be doing family history at the same time, right?

Anway, I hope you all enjoy your Memorial Day, and use it the best way you can.

Sarah Allen

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