Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Story Beginning: What Happens in the Rain

Here's another story beginning that I have in the deep recesses of my computer. Hope it helps!


For once the weatherman was right. Rachel knelt on the leather couch, her face poked through the curtains, listening to the drum-roll of the rain on her roof, and watching the lightning illuminate the entire street. She had given up reading a while ago, and just enjoyed the feeling of foreshadowing that thunderstorms always gave her.
As she stood up to get a glass of water, the house became pitch black. She knelt back down on the couch and looked out the window. The other houses were all dark too. In a flash of lightning she thought she saw someone standing in the yard across the street. Whoever was out there turned on a flashlight. It was Deb.
Rachel reached her way to the door, and the sound of the rain doubled when she opened it.
“What are you doing out here?” she yelled, trying to be louder than the weather. She had to yell again before Deb heard her, but when she did, she motioned for her to come across the street. Rachel ran across the road, feeling girlishly thrilled at being soaked through.
“What’s going on?” She asked, still straining to talk over the rain.
Deb pulled her onto the porch under the overhang. “I just went grocery shopping and I’m worried everything will go bad if the power stays out,” she said. “Want to join me for a late night snack?”
Rachel grinned, pulling her jacket tight across her chest. “Why not?” she said.
Before they walked inside another flashlight flickered on from next door. Deb cupped her hands around her mouth. “Mandy,” she yelled. “Come help us finish the food before it goes bad.”
Mandy’s flashlight bobbed up and down as she ran towards them. She walked onto the porch soaking and grinning too. “What’s up?” she said.
“Come on,” said Deb, opening the door. “Can’t let all that food go to waste.”
The first thing they got out was the Rocky Road. It hadn’t had too much time to melt, so it was at the perfect consistency. They set the carton in the middle of the table and didn’t bother with bowls.
“So,” said Deb, “How’s life? We haven’t talked in a while.”
“No kidding,” said Mandy. “We’re all just so busy I guess.”
“Yeah,” said Rachel. “But just pull out the Rocky Road and I’m there.”
“Here, here,” said Deb, and they all scooped out a spoonful of ice cream.
The power still hadn’t come on half an hour later, and they had moved on to the strawberries.
“So you’re really not seeing anyone?” asked Deb again.
“Not even sort of,” said Rachel.
“We’ll have to fix that,” said Mandy.
Rachel threw a strawberry tip into the garbage. “I don’t know about that,” she said. “I don’t…I’m just not up for that right now.”
“Still not over Brad?” asked Mandy.
“Kind of. In a way,” said Rachel.
“Girl, if you ain’t over your ex then you definitely need to be seeing somebody,” said Deb.
“I know I am,” said Mandy.
“You are what?” said Deb. “Over your ex or seeing somebody?”
Mandy twirled a finger in her hair. “Both,” she said.
Rachel and Deb elbowed her and laughed.
“Who is he?” asked Rachel.
Mandy grinned. “Oh, just someone I met at the office.”
“Just don’t let the boss catch you,” said Deb.
“Actually,” said Mandy, her grin widening, “it is the boss.”
Rachel and Deb busted up in giggles. “Bad girl,” said Deb.
“It is weird to be on the dating scene again,” said Mandy after the giggling had subsided.
“No kidding,” said Deb. The strawberries were almost gone.
“Wait,” said Mandy, “did all three of us marry louses who cheated on us? I know I did.”
“Unfortunately, yes,” said Deb. “And the bastard still gets Penny every Christmas.”
“Did Brad cheat on you?” said Mandy.
“No,” said Rachel. Her finger was tracing a knot in the grain. “I cheated on him.”

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