Monday, March 8, 2010

Thoughts on the Academy Awards

First off, I'd like to thank the Academy for picking something other than Avatar for best picture. It won art direction, cinematography, and visual effects, which is exactly what it deserved. Probably nothing less, and most definitely nothing more. And this may sound a little cruel, but I can't help feeling some slight satisfaction in the fact that James Cameron was beat out by his ex-wife.

For us aspiring writers, paying attention to the winning films from this year and all the years past is probably a good idea. It couldn't hurt to go through and read some of the winning scripts.

And yay for 'Up' winning best animated film and best musical score. That just made me happy. I challenge anyone to watch that movie and not feel all toasty inside. I would love to write a movie as beautifully sweet as that one someday.

As far as acting goes, the clip of Mo'nique they showed from Precious was absolutely stunning. Judging just from the clips she was way ahead of the competition. And though, as you all know, I adore Stanley Tucci in sweetheart roles (Devil Wears Prada, Julie and Julia, Shall we Dance), and was a little weirded out when I saw he was playing a child rapist; but in the clip they showed, he was as brilliant as ever, geniusly creepy, and I'm sure this role is one of many that will show his range and competence as an actor. And yay for Jeff Bridges. He is also an actor who you just can't help but love.

As far as lead actress goes, if it was up to me, we all know the winner would have been, without a doubt, Meryl Streep. But 'Blind Side' is one I actually did see, and Sandra Bullock did a great job, and was by far the best thing in the movie. The story was good, but I thought the movie as a whole was actually a bit overdramatic. But like I said, Sandra did a great job, and it isn't a huge disgrace that she beat out Meryl Streep.

What did you all think of the results? Any lessons we can take away? Like I said, my plan is to read a lot of the winning scripts and see what I can learn. I also want to watch a lot of the winning movies and learn from that too. In the meantime, if you need me, I'll be in my bathroom with my brush, practicing my speech.

Sarah Allen

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