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Thursday, October 20, 2011

What does your muse look like?

I'm giggling just thinking about this question. Not quite sure why.

On good days, my muse looks like this:

On bad days, my muse looks like this:

I have no explanations. That's just how it is, I guess.

Now I'm curious...what does your muse look like?

Sarah Allen


  1. I love it! My muse(s) are two boys desperately in need of haircuts!

  2. My muse doesn't have a look. She has a feel, the feel of dazzling yellow light.

  3. My muse is a nerd who does crossword puzzles and drinks too much and loves a good story. My muse can also be recalcitrant and moody and doesn't like people as much as solitude.

  4. I think my muse looks like my old dog, Brandi, who used to sit at my feet while I wrote. It's not the same without her. Maybe my muse is going to start looking like a new puppy.


    I think that link does my muse justice.

  6. My muse is a quiet house, with tea brewing and the vague ticking of a mantle clock.

  7. When I write, I have to have a visual of the character. For the lead character, I have to love them and it has to be unrequited. I usually scour the internet for an image that matches up and into the notes doc they go.

  8. I prefer to go to the amorphous blob place with my muse - or just stick to music as my muse.

  9. My muse is female with a major attitude.

    Which works out just fine for me 'cause most of my stories are written with strong female characters.


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